Pietrina and Dick's Great Paris (and other) adventures

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August 2000 The Neighborhood burns

The Provence Trip (in Progress)

April 2000 -- Two libraries

March 2000 -- A day trip to Fontainebleau

February 2000 -- A quick trip to London and the Dome (ugh) and Covent Garden (OK)

March 2000 -- An afternoon at Parc des Buttes-Chaumont

January 2000 -- Florence Trip last November

January 2000 -- The turn of the century in Paris and other Maria stories

December 1999 -- The Storm of the Century

December 1999 -- A weekend in Reims

November 1999 -- A Day in Chartres

October 1999 -- Sicily Trip

September 1999 -- Loire Valley Trip

September 1999 -- Paris celebrates its gardens and parks

August 1999 -- Maria's visit to Paris and Giverny

April 1999 -- First few months, our apartment, our neighborhood and lots of other boring stuff

July 1999 -- gutter nonsense and other tasteless stuff

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