Ettal Abbey, Bavaria, Germany -- This painting (seen in detail early in this slide show) hangs over the archway that leads into the Monks' choir. It shows an angel disguised as a Benedictine giving the Ettal Madonna to the Emperor. (In fact, it was probably a gift from the city of Pisa who had a remarkable carving school as you might remember from the Pisano's great pulpits in Pisa and Sienna. For 400 years, this statue would be the most significant sculpture in this church -- then came Straub.Below in its ornate rococo frame is a much smaller painting where the Emperor's horse picks the spot for this basilica by kneeling in front of the statue of the Ettal Madonna and refusing to go further.No shortage of stucco garlands and putti here as this is somewhat the focal point of the rotunda. The statue of the Ettal Madonna is quite small and set back on the east wall of the monks' choir -- and so is difficult for the congregation to see.

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