Ettal Abbey, Bavaria, Germany -- Sorry for the blurriness of this picture but we were kept far away from this statue at the center of the main altar and I had to ramp up the telephoto beyond reason.We have here, of course, the miraculous Ettal Madonna given by the Emperor, Louis IV who brought it from Italy after his return from establishing Nicholas V as the Antipope. Supposedly this site was selected because the King's horse knelt on the spot and would not go further. Religious fervor or equine fatigue? Only his groom knew for sure.Made in a workshop in Pisa around 1300, this statue was originally painted but acquired vestments (as seen here) during the baroque period. Quite small, it is nearly invisible from most of the congregation's area. It was probably a gift from the city of Pisa to the Emperor, as much of Tuscany sided with Louis IV in his battles with Pope John XXII. In fact, the Antipope Nicholas V sought refuge in Pisa afterward.

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