Yosemite National Park, California 2008 -- This was the same Yosemite Valley we saw the day before -- but by looking down from the south rim. Several great views can be had (some take a modest amount of hiking) from the Glacier Dome Road which meanders high above the Yosemite Valley. Our first stop was Washburn point where we stitched together this panorama. At center is the iconic Half Dome. About halfway to the right, is Liberty Cap at nearly 7100'. During the last ice age, the glacier rose over 1000' feet above Liberty Cap! This was a serious piece of snow that carved these U-shaped valleys. The rounded tops in the middle of the picture are typically glacier carved. The high pointed peaks in the distance were too tall for the glaciers to sculpt and so they retained their points (however, the glaciers carved their sides up considerably. At middle left is ..

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