Pietrina and Dick's Wedding -- 1967
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Dick and Pietrina
Bride and Groom
The wedding party
The Wedding Party
Left to right: (Lorraine Polizzi (Noto), Mary Schmitt (Masal), Carolyn Steffes (Thomas), Flower Girl Martha Schmitt (Christensen), Maid of Honor Andrea Bates (Baier), Pietrina Polizzi Schmitt, Dick Schmitt, Best Man Jim Bridenstine, Tom Schmitt, Marty Reddy, Steve Polizzi)
left to right: Martin and Emma Schmitt, Amanda Gatschene, Dick, Pietrina, Camilla Vettraino
The Polizzis
The Polizzis
(left to right) Steve, Dick, Pietrina, Clara, Jim (Vince)
All the Schmitts 
The Schmitts
(left to right) Francis, Philip held by Mark, Greg below Tom, Michael, Pietrina, Martha in front of Dick, Mary, Alice held by Anne, Paul, Lucy, Eileen
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