Congratulations Veronica and Joe
Pre Wedding Events
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(Note: Thanks to Francis Schmitt and the Christensens for some of these photos)
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Hotel Arrivals
The Schmitt mob heading out for Friday Night on the town 
Lucy arrives Saturday Night 
Rehearsal Dinner on Friday Night
L to R: Joe, Veronica, Frances, Dan 
L to R: Martha, Karl, Carolyn 
Joe and the Battens 
Saturday Night Cocktail Party before the Bachelor Party
Mark Schmitt and Liz enjoy the cocktail party Saturday Night 
Martha and Jack Christensen 
(left to right: Suzy, Emma, Morgan, Evan, Anna 
Steven hides from the maddening crowd (leg courtesy of Jeff Dalhmer) 

Martha and Maria

Carolyn, Maria, and Franscimar

Liz, Mark, and Maria

Getting Dressed for the Ceremony
Clara Polizzi checks out her oldest grandchild 
Best man John Batten arrives to escort his charge to the church 
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Pre Wedding Events 
Formal Pictures