Lt. Col Francis Schmitt's Military Service (WWII and beyond)



 In Francis's own words:

In the months before September, 1945 I was commissioned a 1st Lt in Dental Corps Reserve of the U S Army under the condition I would accept 1 year of Active Duty.

12 Aug 1940  Appointed 1st Lt in Army of the United States.

18 Sept 1940  Ordered to Active Duty for 1 yr at Ft Bragg, North Carolina.

21 July 1941  Volunteered for extension of Active Duty until Sept 17, 1942.

  7 Dec 1941 Pearl Harbor Day, all active duty extended to end of hostilities.

  1 Feb 1942  Promoted to Captain in The Army of The United States (AUS).

  5 Jan  1944  Assigned to 114th U S Army General Hospital (GH), Ft Bragg, N.C.

 15 Jun 1944  114th GH moved to European Theater Operation (ETO), APO 121-A

   1 July 1944 Assigned additional duty of Public Relations (PR) Officer.

14 July 1945 Transferred to 10th Replacement Depot, APO 874  pending return to US.

21 July 1945 Assigned to Reception Station No. 21 in the US.

  1 Aug 1945 Granted 30 days Temporary Duty (TDY) for recuperation pending final disposition.

  1 Sept 1945 Assigned to Medical Replacement Pool, Billings GH, Ft Benjamin Harrison, Indiana.

22 Sept 1945 Assigned to Ft Sheridan, Illinois

27 Dec 1945 Received Certificate of Service 18 Sept 1940 to Dec 27, 1945 from Ft Sheridan.  This ended my period of Active Duty, 5 yrs, 3 months, 9 days.

I remained in the Army Reserve Corps and was assigned to the 323rd  Army General Hospital which met in The Detroit Area.  See his hospital unit by clicking here: (warning 2.4M file)

20 Dec 1952 Appointed Major in Army of United States.

21 Mar 1955 Appointed Lt Col in Army of United States.

12 Dec 1963 Appointed to The Retired Reserve.

(Note: more WWII information to be published in Francis's Biography (in progress)


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