Welcome to the Private Documents of the
  Francis and Eileen Schmitt Family


These documents are restricted to family members.  If you have trouble accessing them, please email us (see "Contact Us" at the bottom of this page).

To access these documents:

1. Click on a document

2.  You will be challenged by a geeky screen, when it appears:

  • For user id enter: Schmitt (caps matter)
  • For password enter the month and day of the birthday of a woman with 12 children in the format mmdd  (for instance, if she were born on July 4th you would enter 0704)
  • If you have problems or are not a family member and want to access these documents, please contact Dick using the "contact us" link at the bottom of this page

3.  Then wait.  Some of these are large documents that will take a while to unload. (Make sure you have good bandwidth)

Here are the documents available:

Eileen Memorial (54M)
Anne and Mark Memorial (73M)

Mark's web memorial is availabe to all

Eileen's letters to Francis (summer 1944)





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