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Amy and Greg's Brood

The Greg Schmitts

Here come the most photographed twins in history

The twins entourage

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The Smythes with their newest addition

The Smythes with lots

of Alec Pictures

The Masals -- Faux Texans because they live in Dallas

The Masals

Steven's Fan Club

The Philip's Schmitts

The Tom Schmitts

The Tom Schmitts


and from San Jose...

Paul and Carolyn

Veronica and Joe

Veronica and Joe

Here's some more of Mary and Jim

And more Masals

The Renaulds

Bob and Bert Renauld

Steven measuring Alec's head

Lots of Alec Pictures

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Steven and Alec

Boys in Red

Lining up the mob

Getting ready for the picture

Miss Elizabeth

"Did people forget how

to have little girls???"


Alec takes it all in

I didn't see knuckles on the menu so I brought my own


(Alice, did I get it right?)

Miles with smiles

If you stay awake,

you get your picture taken!

Phil and a twin

Phil and a Twin

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Liz, Cheryl, Pietrina


Mr. James Masal, noted aviator and raccounter

Mr. Saturday Night

Mary with a California Celebrity

Mary and

Marg Greenwald

Liz, Ev, and Liz's Grandma

Liz's Relatives

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