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The LaBranche/Trombly Family History as Evelyn Leonore Marie LaBranche {Antie Ev} remembers hearing it (and checking through Family Trees) from her Mother, Amanda Angeline Trombly LaBranche Gatschene. Eileen LaBranche Schmitt is the Grandma Schmitt referred to below.

Grandma Schmitt's Mother

Amanda Angeline Trombly {Grandma Gatschene} was born to Louis and Mary Remily Trombly {see the smaller photo entitled "Grandma Schmitt's Maternal Grandparents"}, who had emigrated from near Montreal to Black Brook, NY. and to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Amanda had ten siblings: Mary, Napoleon, Fred, Jenny, Orzilla, David, Frank, Emma, Lillie, and Bernice, the last, who was stillborn.

Grandma Schmitt's Father

Archille Thomas LaBranche {Grandma Schmitt's father} was born in Negaunee, MI on February 21, 1884, the fifth child of Thomas and Domethille Beaudry LaBranche {see large photo entitled "Grandma Schmitt's Paternal Grandparents"} who had emigrated from Canada to the Upper Peninsula. Archille (Archie) had five siblings: George, Rachael, William, Albina and Cordelia.


Archille marries Amanda -- 1903

Archille and Amanda were married in 1903 in Trombly, MI. They were the parents of seven children: Russell (Baptized Archille Thomas, but always called Russell{Uncle Russ}) born on September 8, 1904; Pearl Angeline, born on April 13, 1906. She died in 1912, after suffering a concussion from a fall. Agnes Orzilla, arrived on June 18, 1908. She died in 1910, presumably from a bout with pneumonia. Eugene Joseph {Uncle Buss}was born on December 28, 1910. He died on October 15, 1973, of lung cancer and emphysema. Thomas Archille, {Uncle Tom} born October 8, 1912. Evelyn Leonore Marie {Antie Ev}, born May 4, 1915. Eileen Mary {known to our junior readers as Grandma Schmitt}, born November 22, 1918. Eileen died suddenly of heart complications on February 8, 1991.

The first three LaBranche children were all born in Trombly, MI; the last four, in Escanaba where the family lived until after the death of Archie on February 9, 1920. According to his Death Certificate, he died of "Lobar Pneumonia and Influenza" -- 12 days short of his 36th birthday. At the time of his death, he was employed as a "R.R. Freight Conductor." Evelyn remembers him being gone for several days at a time on a "long run."

To be continued in the next issue...

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